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Marketing Mastery

Business coaching dedicated to helping coaches and consultants Simplify their Marketing, so they can work with more of their Dream Clients, accelerate their business growth and deepen their impact (and all without the overwhelm).

Too many talented coaches and consultants fall short of their vision to make a difference, because they get overwhelmed by the business of marketing themselves consistently.


The DREAM CLIENTS ECO-SYSTEM for coaches and consultants, will ensure you avoid this and thrive in your business.


By making your marketing and message simpler, more meaningful and easier to manage, you'll attract more of your dream clients and have more of the impact and transformation that only you can offer.


Whatever your business stage or budget, there is a level of support for you:

Dream Clients Academy

Accelerate your business growth with the practical skills, mindset and community you need to take your business to the next level.


Join a community of highly engaged and supportive peers in this MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP and master your marketing step-by-step through toolkits, live masterclasses and mindset coaching.

Dream Clients Blueprint

Create your perfect business, lifestyle and marketing system with this intensive GROUP BUSINESS COACHING experience.  


Join a select group of women, as you use the weekly training, workbooks and live business coaching to design a business blueprint that allows you to consistently attract and work with your Dream Clients. 

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Dream Clients Flow

This 12-month MASTERMIND supports established coaches and consultants in taking their business to the next level. 


This collaborative learning experience will help you enhance your marketing, improve your processes and an upgrade your mindset, so you can grow your income and impact beyond £100k. Limited to eight coaches. 

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Meet Your Business Coach 

Hi, I'm Melitta Campbell,

Before becoming a Business Coach, I had a 15-year career in marketing and communications and, for close to a decade, ran my own communication consultancy.

However, aware of how many coaches around me were struggling to build the business that their passion and expertise deserved (and their clients needed!), four years ago I changed my focus.

I packaged up all my knowledge and experiences and created the Dream Clients Eco-System to demystify marketing and business strategy, and support coaches and consultants as they build and grow their business. 

Today, I support my community through my paid membership, group business coaching and mastermind, as well as my Dream Clients community on Facebook, my Driven Female Entrepreneur podcast, and my books and articles.

If your business is not yet bringing in the clients and income you desire, or enabling you to have the impact you know you can have, then reach out, and let me help. you find the right next step for you.

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"...I feel more equipped..."

“...thanks to Melitta's fabulous (but rigorous!!) Dream Clients Blueprint programme, I have fallen back in love with being an entrepreneur and feel more equipped to deal with whatever comes next.”

Kate Naegeli, Kensington English

"I'm now determined to launch my business"

“Melitta is full of great advice and is very encouraging. I’m now determined to launch my business and know that I have what it takes to make it work.”

Helen Von Dadelszen, Present Potential

Pricing Guide

The DREAM CLIENTS ECO-SYSTEM offers support to help you develop your perfect marketing strategy, and grow your business and impact, whatever your business stage or budget.




Perfect for those seeking ongoing support, learning and feedback as they grow and scale their coaching, consulting or teaching business.

Access monthly:

Marketing Masterclasses
Strengthen your skills and improve your business promotions so you can streamline your marketing and attract more Dream Clients. 

Mindset Coaching
Develop the environment, habits and confidence to deliver a consistent quality of service and enjoy greater ease and flow in your business. 

Action Networking
Connect and collaborate with your DCA colleagues while sharing ideas, feedback and inspiration. 

Hot Seat sessions
Get specific answers to your business questions and direct feedback on your new ideas, offers and materials.

...and more!


Low cost, no commitment, cancel any time. 

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Design your ideal business and marketing strategy, and client experience, with this small group business coaching offer. 

Programme includes:

Online Learning Portal
Access 12 modules that guide you step-by-step as you launch or grow your business, and learn how to stand out from the crowd.

Weekly Live Business Coaching
Over 6-months, you'll have access to personalised answers, feedback and support as you implement your new offers, marketing plans and processes. And start working with more of your dream clients. 

Mindset Mastery Programme
Knowing what to do is one thing. Doing it consistently is something else. Optimise your environment, habits and beliefs, so you can confidently more of your ambitions and have a bigger impact. 

Marketing Toolkit (worth £4,000)
At any time, access this growing bank of guides and toolkits to help you optimise your marketing: from websites to webinars, social media to exhibitions, PR to public speaking, networking to landing pages, you'll find instant support on a host of marketing strategies.

Expert Masterclasses
Gain additional skills and and insights from external experts. 

Dream Clients Academy (12-months)
Enjoy being part of the wider Dream Clients community and build your network of like-minded business owners. 

...and more!


To ensure this remains an intimate and impactful experience, only five places are available per month.

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PER YEAR / Payment Options Available

This 12-month collaborative learning experience is perfect for established coaches and consultants who want accelerated growth, but don't need another training experience.   


Typical Discussion Topics:

During our monthly hot seat sessions, we regular discuss themes such as:


: Creating the right messaging for your business

: Developing meaningful marketing plans and promotions

: Building your authority and thought leadership

: Fine-tuning your niche (Dream Clients) 

: Creating an impactful client experience

: Success Mindset

: Business accelerators and enablers (team, systems, energy…)

and more!...


Group quality is key to this experience, so there are only six places available.

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