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The Dream Clients Club

Action Networking Event

Network with like-minds, Share your key Lessons, Plan your next Actions

What to Expect

Action Networking - like regular networking - but without the awkwardness!

As the author of the best-selling book 'A Shy Girl's Guide to Networking', I know just how powerful it is to have a thriving network to support your business. 

Equally, I appreciate just how daunting networking can feel. That's way this session will feature lots of small group discussions, so you can enjoy natural conversations as you get to know the group, alleviating any pressure to 'perform'. 

You'll be invited to share your biggest lessons, and current challenges, so you can support each other with fresh insights and ideas - 'business bestie' style - before deciding exactly what actions you plan to take next to move your business forward.

I'll be there the whole time to support you and the group to ensure this is a high value and fun event for everyone.

I look forward to seeing you there!

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Here's what to expect from the action networking event

#1: The networking will take place in small groups, so you can make meaningful connections

Over 2-3 small group sessions, you'll get to know like-minded business owners in a way that side-steps any awkward 'small talk' and instead helps you enjoy making meaningful connections. 

#2: Be ready to share your ideas, lessons and insights 

The action networking events are all about dreaming bigger and growing together. Therefore, as well as meeting like-minded business owners, you'll be invited to share your ideas, lessons and insights with those you meet. 

#3: Fun, encouragement and connection

The entrepreneur's path can be a lonely one. However, by discussing your challenges, sharing ideas and meeting new people who understand exactly what you are experiencing, you can start to feel less alone, and more prepared for the challenges ahead. 

Start 2023 on a high with new connections, Fresh insights, and clear Actions!


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Tuesday, September 26, 2023 02:00 PM CET (other time zones)

Feedback from the last Action Networking Event

"Thanks for hosting, Melitta! I have already invited a friend to the next one"

“This was such a refreshing, fun and insightful networking session. Looking forward to the next one!"

"I usually avoid networking - but I’m so pleased I came to this one. It felt so much more fun, easy and enjoyable than other events I’ve attended in the past."

"Thanks for hosting this networking event Melitta, it was such a valuable session. I’ve already registered for the next session and will be bringing a friend too."

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Join us for the Dream Clients Action Networking Event online for FREE and network with bright-minds, share your key Lessons, and plan your next actions

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