Want weekly live access to a business coach without the high price tag?


The Dream Clients Academy could be just what you are looking for!


  • Monthly live Q&A (ask me anything!)
  • Monthly Interactive Marketing Masterclass
  • Monthly Live Mindset Coaching
  • Live Co-Working Sessions
  • 24/7 Online Community
  • Low cost, low risk


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If you've ever wished you could stop thinking in circles, and get straight-forward answers to your business questions...

If you've ever shouted at that YouTube coach and said: "Yes, that's great, but how do I apply that to MY business?"...


If you've ever wished you someone would help you fill the gaps in your business knowledge, and be by your side as you try out your new knowledge, so you can feel confident that you are doing the right things in your business...


You're in the right place! 


As part of the Dream Clients Academy, every week you will have live access to me, Melitta Campbell, an award-winning business and mindset coach with more than three decades of experience in business strategy and marketing.  


Each month we have a business-building theme. We will explore this in week one through a live and interactive masterclass. Week two, we'll have a live Q&A (ask me anything!), then in Week three I'll guide you through a Mindset Coaching session, and finally in week four, we'll have a Live co-working session to help you get into action.


My goal is to provide you with the insights, answers and support you need to take stay in momentum in your business, while feeling fully supported by myself and your Academy colleagues. 


This is a low cost, low risk way for you to access business coaching to support your growth. With no contract, you can cancel your membership any time. 

It's time to build and grow a
business you feel proud of!

Too many service business owners fail to create a business that gives them the income, lifestyle and impact they desire.


Why? Because they are not yet clear how to...
  • Communicate and sell their Value, as a result, they fail to attract the right clients, leading them to over work, and under charge.

  • Create the Right Offers for their Niche, so they waste time, energy and money putting bland, ill-explained offers in front of ‘everyone’.

  • Develop Meaningful Marketing that feels good, causing them to hold back because they don’t want to come across as pushy or sleazy.

  • Manage their Time, Energy and Mindset, so they end up feeling frazzled and full of doubt.

I'm on a mission to change this!


Because I know how it feels to struggle in business.
I also know how to turn those struggles around and to create real impact. 

In my 20s, I struggled with shyness and avoided every invitation to speak up or network. Today it's a different story. I speak on stages around the world, I'm a TEDx speaker coach for two events, I host a popular podcast for entrepreneurs, and my book, A Shy Girl's Guide to Networking, became a best-seller in 48-hours.

In 2009, when my first daughter was just 5-months old, I started a communication consultancy. It quickly earned me 6-figures while working part-time, but also pushed me close to burn out. That experience taught me a lot about how to create simple systems, encourage flow and master my time and energy. Today, people often wonder how I manage to do 'everything'. It's a secret I share with all my clients. 


Despite a long career in marketing strategy and communication coaching, when I launched my wellness business in 2014, I had to figure out social media marketing from scratch. With trial and error, I worked out an organic strategy that allowed me to be myself online and save time, in 2021, LinkedIn named me as a top sales influencer to follow and one of their 16 most authentic contributors.

These are just some of the lessons and strategies I'm excited to share with you inside the Dream Clients Academy. 


With the constant support of myself and the Dream Clients Academy community, creating a profitable and impactful business that you feel proud of is not only possible, but can be easier, faster and more fun than you might expect. 

 How will you feel when you know exactly how to:

  • Attract your dream clients? 
  • Have more time for the work you love?
  • Have a greater impact?


That's the goal of the 
Dream Clients Academy

That's the goal of the 
Dream Clients Academy


Each week, you’ll discover new ways to accelerate your business growth with the practical marketing, communication and sales skills you need to take your business to the next level.


As you start to apply your new knowledge, you'll be supported by personalised feedback via Hot Seat sessions, Accountability and encouragement from the Action Networking events, and the space and support to put it all into action during our co-working sessions. 


The Dream Clients Academy is your opportunity to master your marketing step-by-step with ongoing insights, expert training, tools and live coaching, together with a small group of highly engaged and supportive peers. 


Say NO to:

  • Procrastination
  • 'Comparisonitus' and
  • Confusion over your next best step

And YES to:

  • Straight-forward personalised advice
  • A supportive community
  • Marketing clarity and confidence
  • More Dream Clients


Wanda Van Gelderen

"Building my business now feels straight-forward and achievable.”

“It's remarkable how much we've achieved in just a few months.

I'm now really clear on my ideal clients, I know exactly how to attract them into my business, and I have a website I'm proud to share. I also know what I need to do next to continue building my business and my market presence. 

Melitta has saved so much time and has made the process of building my business feel straight-forward and achievable. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Melitta to any coach or consultant looking to build a thriving coaching practice, and enjoy doing so!”

Larissa Russell

“I’ve grown and expanded my business in new ways.”

"Working with Melitta has helped me grow and expand my business in new ways in the past few months.

Melitta helped me to understand where I could tweak things and where I could make bigger changes while helping me find the perfect words to do just that. 

If you are wanting to grow your business with the help of a caring, kind, and wonderful person then Melitta is the person for you."

Robert Bartram

“Now my marketing is more strategic, the sky is the limit.

Melitta is the best! I was enjoying the work I did and do, but realised that my work needed more focus in terms of marketing strategy and materials. Melitta has not only helped me change and improve these things, but given me the confidence to believe that the sky's the limit.

I have no hesitation in recommending Melitta as a business coach, no matter what your field. It's money very well spent!

The Dream Clients Academy is perfect for you if...

You ARE:

  • Coach, Consultant or Service-Based Business Owner.
  • Dreaming of a straight-forward marketing strategy that makes an impact. 
  • Willing to show up weekly and understand that you get out as much as you put in.
  • Prepared to think differently about your marketing.
  • Committed to your goals and ready to do the work.
  • Ready to work with more of your Dream Clients.
  • Available on Thursdays at 13:00 CET / 12pm GMT / 7am EST


You DON'T want:

  • Shallow Marketing tactics.
  • complicated funnel that you can't manage and doesn't work.
  • To struggle to find the words to express the value of what you offer.
  • To keep procrastinating, while your 'To Do list' continues to grow.
  • To figure everything out on your own.


and you DO want to...

  • Look and feel professional online.
  • Have a clear message that feels like you and makes you stand out.
  • Feel motivated, energised and purposeful and proud of the positive impact you are having on the world.
  • Access the knowledge, advice and feedback of an award-winning business coach with more than 25-years of marketing experience.
  • Be part of a community of people that uplift and empower each other.
  • Start enjoying your marketing, and know your efforts are paying off.  


Join now and enjoy the special Introductory Price of just £47 per month (cancel any time). 

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How the Dream Clients Academy is Structured

Marketing success comes from the
right small actions done consistently.

That's why the Academy offers you community and accountability,
alongside an exceptional ongoing learning environment

Each month you can access: 

Live Marketing Masterclasses

Over 25-years, I’ve learned what works, and doesn’t, when it comes to getting your business in front of the right people. The good news is, marketing done well is easier to achieve than you might realise.

Through monthly masterclasses, I’ll help you upgrade your skills and understanding so you can start welcoming more of your dream clients with more joy and ease than ever before! 


Recent Marketing Masterclass Topics

(Get instant access when you join!)

  • Your Client-Getting Mission Statement
  • Improving your Website Ranking with SEO
  • How to Stand Out and be Noticed
  • DIY Your Own PR
  • How to Have Great Sales Conversations 
  • The 3 Essential Blog Posts
  • Growing your Business with Facebook Groups
  • How to Introduce Your Business While Networking
  • Social Media Made Simple

Live Hot Seat Sessions

Getting the information you need to succeed is one thing, applying it to your business and situation is quite another!

In these sessions, I'll answer all your marketing questions Live. You’ll get the answers you need to move forward faster, and with greater confidence. 

Action Networking

This is your regular dose of networking, goal-setting and accountability all rolled into one.

This is networking as you’ve never experienced it before – it’s fun, friendly and will have a significant impact on your business. 

Co-Working Sessions

Don't work in isolation. Our regular co-working sessions give you the space, encouragement, support and accountability to put your ideas and plans into action

Expert Masterclasses

Gain additional insights, support and learning from leading external business, marketing and sales experts.


Marketing Made Simple Course

Improve your marketing immediately by discovering exactly how to create meaningful marketing campaigns that attract clients, grow your business and feel easy to implement. This 10-part video training will be available to you the minute you join the Dream Clients Academy. Worth £299


LinkedIn Profile Upgrade

Quickly create a professional LinkedIn profile that stands out, by following this step-by-step video training. Worth £199


LIMITED: Social Media Audit

Join by 20 October 2022 to claim your personalised Social Media Audit worth £199!

Why I LOVE helping Coaches and Consultants thrive in business...

You are all about giving value, inspiring positive change and getting lasting results for your clients. And the world needs more of that!


But without the right marketing understanding and tools, it's hard to stand out, attract enough of the right clients, and make the difference you set out to create. 


Worse still, the time, energy and resources it takes to figure things out and/or market your business the wrong way, can run you and your business into the ground before you've even got started! 


I've made it my mission to equip you with the right tools, understanding and support to attract and work with more of your Dream Clients in ways that feel authentic, enjoyable and doable!


And the great news is that meaningful marketing is not only more impactful, but also simpler, cheaper and more fun!

And, I know that the best way to help, is not through a one-off masterclass or coaching session, but to be by your side on an ongoing basis, month after month.


So, I have created the Dream Clients Academy to do exactly that. I'll be launching it on 25 February and I cannot wait to get started!


My goal is to create a business-changing experience for you. Through a series of weekly live sessions and events, I'll share the marketing insights and practical tools that I’ve tried and tested over 25-years, at the super affordable price of just £55 per month, and you can cancel any time.  

Join the Dream Clients Academy Today


Sarah Renker

"I went from running a business to
running a business with a strategy!

"I asked Melitta for help because I wanted to make my business more profitable after a good start. Through coaching sessions, we built a solid foundation and by the end I had complete clarity on my offer, audience and pricing. I went from running a business to running a business with a strategy!"


Dr. Carrie Graham

“Melitta has become the best investment in my business.”

What an incredible resource Melitta is, she has become the best investment in my business.

Her ability to present information in a calm and kind way demonstrates her focus on client needs, her long-term expertise in business, and ability to support business owners. This approach has been priceless.

I strongly recommend working with Melitta. Her calm approach is a welcomed change from the current flashy and empty coaching approach that has become the norm. Melitta is full of helpful information that will help you build a solid foundation for longevity.

Christopher Lübbers 

"Melitta offers you invaluable insights, mindset support and cheers you on."

“I enjoyed working with Melitta, but if one stands out it was her attitude and drive to carry my banner. I really, really felt that she wanted me to succeed.

Today, I notice a significant change in how my clients respond to my communication, I feel more confident and in control during sales calls and, most importantly, I feel more deeply connected to my potential and my strengths. 

Melitta’s style of coaching is a match for those who have that tingling sense they could really make life/work so much better for their target group, but do not quite know yet how to get that torque onto the road.

Melitta will help you do just that strategically, while offering you invaluable insights, mindset support and cheers.

Hi, I’m your business coach,
Melitta Campbell


Before becoming a Business Coach, I enjoyed a 15-year career in marketing and communication, and then established a thriving Communication Consultancy, which I ran for close to a decade.

But when I became increasingly aware of the number of service based business owners struggling to build a viable business, I wanted to help change this.

The biggest challenge I noticed, was being able to communicate their value and marketing themselves in ways that felt good and attracted the right clients. Knowing I had the tools to help, I packaged my marketing knowledge and experience into a simple system, the Dream Clients Blueprint, that guides you at every stage of your businesses growth and development. 

This programme is ideal for those who are 6-24 months into their business, but have hot a wall in terms of clients and knowing exactly what to do and how. 

The Dream Clients Academy is perfect for everyone else. If you are not ready for a formal step-by-step programme, but feel you would benefit from expert advice and guidance as you build and grow your business, then it's the ideal solution. 

If you are eager to master your marketing and grow your business, don't wait to join the Dream Clients Academy - the special price of just £47 per month.

Marketing Masterclasses

Discover how to design and implement a meaningful marketing plan that gets the results you desire.

Hot Seats

Get feedback, answers and ideas by tapping into my 25+ years experience in Marketing and Business building.


Build relationships, set motivating goals and enjoy accountability as you take your business to the next level.

The Dream Clients Marketing Philosophy

I’ve weaved together my 25-years of marketing expertise, with my award-winning Business Coaching, my transformational Mindset Coaching, and more than a decade of practical business-building experience, into a series of programmes designed to help you launch, grow and scale your businesss through simple, meaningful marketing.


I call this system: The Dream Clients Marketing System

There is no denying that building, growing and scaling a profitable business is hard work.


But, it should also be fun and rewarding!


For many coaches and consultants however, the reality of starting, running and marketing their own business has become overwhelming.


Instead of feeling proud of their impact and enjoying a realiable income and time flexibility, they find themselves stressed out and working around the clock, only to feel they are standing still.


Sound familiar?


A big part of the problem is not knowing how to communicate your value, market your business (and yourself), or sell your services, so you can consistently attract your dream clients with ease, joy and integrity.


And in all honesty, why should you?!


Few people have gained these skills through their work to date.

Even those who have had some exposure to marketing, have done so in an environment where there was a pre-existing roadmap, guidelines and resources to help.


Figuring out how to sell yourself, by yourself, is something else altogether!  


The key is to have a marketing plan and process that is fully suited to, and integrated with, your personality, vision and overall business goals. And that’s supported by the right mindset, confidence and systems.


Great marketing isn’t something you can achieve in isolation. It needs to be seamlessly woven into the way you do business, so it feels natural and authentic for you and your dream clients. Only then can you build a business and impact that lasts and you feel proud of.


That’s my Dream Clients Marketing Philosophy.


That’s also why I don’t offer quick-fixes.


Instead, my programmes and business coaching approach have been designed to ensure you have:


  • Clarity regarding the impact you want to have, how and for whom


  • A Marketing System you enjoy and that ensures you remain Profitable, and


  • Overall Balance so you have the time, energy and focus to drive results without feeling overwhelmed or burning out.



It can be tricky to get all these parts working for you. So I will work alongside you through the Dream Clients Marketing System for as long as you need as you to build, implement, refine and scale your marketing, mindset and business.

Join Dream Clients Academy

Drowning in a sea of marketing woes?

The Dream Clients Academy is your life raft!


Deep down, you know you have what it takes to succeed in your coaching business, consultancy or service business. BUT, it’s just not quite coming together for you yet and…


  • Instead of experiencing freedom, the pressure to be consistently 'out there' is overwhelming


  • The loneliness of figuring everything out on your own is starting to get to you.


  • You’ve tried every marketing trick in the book, but nothing is working, and it’s not clear why.


  • You’re struggling to find the time to do everything.


  • You aren’t sure how to define your right niche.


  • You feel stuck selling your time for money, and aren’t sure how to change your business model. 


Whatever your challenge, I’ve got your back!


Join the Dream Clients Academy

It’s time to double-down on creating success

Whether you’ve been in business for 6-months or 6-years, you’ve probably realised that while running your own coaching or consulting practice is an exciting and rewarding way to earn a living, there are some definite challenges.


Mostly this comes down to needing more skills, more time and more feedback to support your steady, confident, profitable growth.


Following 15-years in Marketing for small businesses and large corporates, and close to a decade running my own Communication Consultancy,  five years ago I changed my focus to support female business owners as they’ve launch, grow and scale their businesses.


Hundreds of entrepreneurs have benefited from my paid programmes. But hundreds more didn’t.


Why? Usually because either the time wasn’t right for them to commit to growing their business, they didn’t believe deep down that they were worth investing in or, more often, while my programmes and coaching were perfect for them, they didn’t have the funds to invest in my bigger ticket options.


And this bothered me.


I didn’t want to be an elite business coach, although I have the skills and experience to do so. My goal is to help more women create a thriving business and the lifestyle they love so they can use their knowledge, skills and experiences to create a better world.


So I've decided to launch a highly accessible programme that is ongoing, so I'm right there by your side when you need help most.


Marketing is not a one-off thing. It's something you need to work on and master over time. That is challenging to do if you 1) don't enjoy marketing 2) aren't 100% what you are doing and 3) attempting to do it alone. 


Enter the Dream Clients Academy!


The monthly Marketing Mastery Membership that will guide you in SIMPLIFYING your marketing so you can AMPLIFY your impact by working with more of your ideal clients and remaining in business over the long-term.

Join today and get instant access! 

This is what you get for less than a coffee a day

Dream Clients Academy (Monthly)


Master your marketing and grow your business with this top features

  • Monthly live Q&A (ask me anything!)
  • Monthly Interactive Marketing Masterclass
  • Monthly Live Mindset Coaching
  • Live Co-Working Sessions
  • 24/7 Online Community
  • Low cost, low risk

Dream Clients Academy (Anually)

£870/year (get two months free)

Master your marketing and grow your business with this top features

  • Monthly live Q&A (ask me anything!)
  • Monthly Interactive Marketing Masterclass
  • Monthly Live Mindset Coaching
  • Live Co-Working Sessions
  • 24/7 Online Community
  • Low cost, low risk


Adrien Plasvic

"My intuition told me to invest,
and I’m so glad I did!

Melitta has an ability to offer great insight with empathy and deliver it in a way that leaves you feeling good about yourself, while also knowing exactly how to improve and go to the next level.

When needed help with my communication, my intuition told me to invest in working with her and I am so glad I did! She helped me create a powerful story from the challenges I experienced as a professional hockey player. 

Melitta has a gift for asking the right questions; she helped me shape my story so I could help others. She took my own words and expressed in the most simplistic way! “This is what I have been trying to say all these years”.

If you want to learn to communicate with more depth; if you want to touch others with your words, I suggest you give coach Melitta a try! You won’t regret it, I promise!"

Alena Paturaud

“Working with Melitta saved me about two years of hard work and error."


When I launched my second business. I wanted to run a successful business as soon as possible, and Melitta helped me to map out a clear offer and product suite and then create a powerful, meaningful pitch for each one.

Working with Melitta saved me about two years of hard work and error."

Judit Csapo Karovits

"I can now spend time with things that are important for me."

What an incredible resource Melitta is, she has become the best investment in my business.

Her ability to present information in a calm and kind way demonstrates her focus on client needs, her long-term expertise in business, and ability to support business owners. This approach has been priceless.

I strongly recommend working with Melitta. Her calm approach is a welcomed change from the current flashy and empty coaching approach that has become the norm. Melitta is full of helpful information that will help you build a solid foundation for longevity.

Frequently Asked Questions

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