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So you’re now armed with everything you need to know to communicate your true value, sell without selling and enjoy creating an impact you feel proud of.
Implementing everything I shared in this FREE training will help you become your dream clients' service provider of choice, which means more of the right business and a predictable income.

But... there's more to taking action than just knowing what to do...


While going it alone has its merits, it can take time, especially when you are creating something new. And the lack of support, feedback, accountability and speed can cause self-doubt to take a grip and hold you back. 


However, if you are looking to create real momentum and enjoy lasting results, and are ready for the support you need to go deeper into these lessons (i.e. weekly personalised advice, answers and expert feedback, mindset coaching, accountability, and a supportive community)... 


Then now is the time to take action!


So let me ask you this, how would you like to get every tip, hack, technique, unfair advantage and secret so you can take your business to the next level, without compromising your integrity? 


Including weekly direct  access to my experience, expertise and insights. 


Let me introduce the 12-week
Dream Clients Blueprint programme


...where I guide you step-by-step as you discover your true value and build this into each amazing thing you do. The result will be real business momentum and an income and impact you feel proud of....


Let's take a look at what other like-minded people just like you are saying about Dream Clients Blueprint…



Every entrepreneur needs this


“Dream Clients Blueprint is exactly what every entrepreneur needs to map out their steps to success. Despite it being a group programme, Melitta coached me based on my individual needs and guided my business in the right direction. The programme set the foundations of a thriving business and now I have more time to enjoy time with my family.”


Zornitsa Ivanova (Zori Art Photography) 

Building my business now feels straight-forward and achievable.


“I’m so pleased that I engaged Melitta as my Business Coach. It’s remarkable how much we’ve achieved in just a few months. Her clear guidance and ongoing encouragement has meant that I’m now really clear on my ideal clients, I know exactly how to attract them into my business, and I have a website I’m proud to share. 


- Wanda Van Gelderen (Executive Leadership Coach, WvG Coaching)

Saved me years of trial and error


“Working with Melitta saved me about two years of hard work and error, when I launched my second business. I wanted to run a successful business as soon as possible, and Melitta helped me to map out a clear offer and product suite and then create a powerful, meaningful pitch for each one.


- Alena Paturaud (Brainstorm Ton Business)

This programme is perfect for new to business owners as well as those who are established and ready to grow, and want to clearly articulating their True Value and welcome more of their your dream clients from NOW!


The Dream Clients Blueprint’s award-winning programme will show you exactly how to confidently build and grow your business, so you can stop feeling like a business imposter, and instead book more of the right clients and earn an income that matches your impact - in just 12-weeks!


This programme is not for business owners who are just looking to get rich quick without making a positive contribution to others, looking for the next big shiny object and definitely not for those who are afraid to make decisions, take action and follow through on making their dreams reality!


Here's what you get when you Join 


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Sound interesting?


Here is how you can join this programme and enjoy the same results FAST!


Now if you can agree with all of that and if this sounds like an opportunity of a lifetime (which it is) all you need to do is click on the button below and book your call.


This call is simply about finding out if you are a good fit for the Dream Clients Blueprint programme, answer any questions you may have and jointly determine if the programme will work for you. Before booking a call with me I will ask you some questions to better understanding your situation and help us get the most out of our time together.


I am offering you the chance of a lifetime, a tried and true way to transform your business and your life, so go ahead click the button below and book you call today!

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