Part of the Value Sessions weekly event series. Perfect Your Business Introduction.

For Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

Learn How To Perfect Your Business Introduction

A monthly event to practice your pitch and build confidence when introducing your business, so you can attract more dream clients.

EXCLUSIVE Free Training Hosted by Melitta Campbell


Those who do well in life – and business – tend to be those who can communicate their ideas clearly and concisely.


The aim of the Perfect Your Introduction sessions is to give you the opportunity to practice talking about your business and pitching your services in a safe environment.


You'll also receive my expert feedback to help you improve how you communicate your value, so you can confidently attract more dream clients and opportunities to your business. 


I Want To Practice My Pitch

What to expect from the Monthly Pitch Fest Event

 Discover and practice strategies for introducing your business so that others are compelled to learn more ...and you don't feel icky!

Build confidence in communicating your True Value

Get the feedback you need (live) to instantly improve your messaging and win more clients

Learn and Hone a skill that is essential for all business owners

 Experience a unique fun, safe and supportive collaborative learning environment.

Learning how to talk about your business and the true value you provide is essential for all business owners, but it’s only when you practice this skill that it becomes part of your business toolkit.


By attending the Perfect Your Introduction sessions, you’ll be exposed to different communication styles and feedback, giving you the opportunity to gain a rich source of ideas and practical tips for your own pitches.

Why make all the mistakes yourself when you can learn from others and make smoother progress?

You’ll also learn about exciting new projects, businesses, products and services.


By Pitching, you’ll take your learning to another level through real-life practice of presenting your concepts, and gaining personalised expert feedback from Melitta Campbell and other attendees.

You can then use this advice to improve your pitch for the real thing; increasing your chances of attracting the right investors, partners and clients to build your business faster.

Here's feedback from the last Event.
We had a lot of fun


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A monthly event to practice your pitch, build confidence and win more clients!


Join Monthly Pitch Fest Event and get the Guide to Perfecting Your Pitch for Free.

Every 1st Tuesday of each month at 14:00 CET (other time zones)

Please note that spaces for attendees and pitchers are limited, so please register sooner rather than later - first come, first served.

Introducing your Pitch Coach


Melitta Campbell is a multi-award-winning business and mindset coach, who has helped hundreds of women build their dream businesses and lifestyle, through her signature Dream Clients Blueprint.

For more than three-decades, Melitta has worked in and studied marketing and communication. Over this time, she has written speeches for some of the world’s most influential leaders, advised Fortune 500 companies on their communications and visibility strategies, Co-Founded the Swiss Riviera Toastmasters public speaking club, regularly judges speaking competitions, including Grant Cardone and Pat Quinn’s 10x Stages Great American Speak-Off.

Her thought leadership is featured in many of the top business media titles, and she regularly speaks to audiences around the world.

Melitta is the host of the popular Driven Female Entrepreneur podcast and is the best-selling author of A Shy Girl’s Guide to Networking, the first in a series of inspiring titles for introverted business owners. She is also a TEDx Speaker Coach for events in UK and Switzerland.


I Want To Perfect My Pitch

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